AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Service contract is made for fixed value for year & customer is going to provide standard services against it. (Three preventive maintenance + 1 Emergency service call in case of breakdown). During this contract total amount of service contract is paid to service provider & as he provides the service it is settled against paid amount. Sometime there is comprehensive AMC (with spares).

ARC (Annual Rate Contract)

Rate contract is prepared for year for particular service for particular Eqpt. which is user as & when required for conducting visit of service provider & billing to service provider is according to service contract is made.

We undertake AMC of our various systems for all Models Instruments along with the supply of standard & non-standard Spare parts at feasible cost. The Duration of contract will be of 1 YEAR. This will come into effect from the date on which we receive the written confirmation of the order.